Nirvana By J.R. Stewart


Synopsis: When the real world is emptied of all that you love, how can you keep yourself from dependence on the virtual?

Larissa Kenders lives in a world where the real and the virtual intermingle daily. After the supposed death of her soulmate, Andrew, Larissa is able to find solace by escaping to Nirvana, a virtual world where anything is possible – even visits with Andrew. Although Larissa is told that these meetings are not real, she cannot shake her suspicion that Andrew is indeed alive. When she begins an investigation of Hexagon, the very institution that she has been taught to trust, Larissa uncovers much more than she ever expected and places herself in serious danger. Her biggest challenge, however, remains determining what is real – and what is virtual.

I was very excited to read this book, I loved the cover and the description of the story was very intriguing.  The first 10% of the book was good.  The setup was spot on and it seemed like a fantastic new spin on a post apocalyptic story. After awhile though it got a little bit confusing. There too many details all at once, and  I couldn’t keep time or people straight in my head.

And then things just got too easy, the stakes didn’t seem real or high enough.  Larissa is searching for her dead husband believing him to be alive still, but I never really got her character or her belief in her husband.
About 20% of the way into the book I figured out the end of the story, which was very disappointing. Once the character Terk was brought in I knew what was going to happen and it as hard for me to continue reading it.  I felt that some of the character development was missing. Terk seemed to just disappear, and Serge and the Corporal were strangely very alike and I had a hard time remembering who was who.

Also the formatting on the kindle was weird, maybe that was just because my copy was an ARC, but it would do things

like this for no obvious reason and I would loose my place in a sentence.

Overall I was disappointed in this story.  I never felt for the characters or was invested in the story.  I gave it 2 out of 5 stars on my Goodreads.

Thank you NetGalley for allowing me to read this book. 




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