Promoting Creativity: A Monthly Blog Series

Today's blog post is something I am super super excited for. Today starts something I will be doing at the end of each month for a year or so, hopefully longer.  Back when I wrote my list of things to do before I turn 21 I mentioned that I want to connect and support with… Continue reading Promoting Creativity: A Monthly Blog Series


Top Ten Tuesday: If You Like Historical Fiction

And we're back with another Top Ten Tuesday! As always head over to The Broke and the Bookish to see where this all started. 😀 I admit this week's TTT was a little harder for me, and so because of this I'm not doing exactly what I'm supposed to. So today's theme was "If you… Continue reading Top Ten Tuesday: If You Like Historical Fiction

Snippets from the New Poetry Book

Today is just going to be a quick post. This is a snippet from a new poetry book that I've started, it's titled "mourn·ing - ˈmôrniNG"   Empty House the house is cold today the cats are sleeping on the window sill steam wafts like a prayer unspoken from my my mug i slip on… Continue reading Snippets from the New Poetry Book

Short Story: Neverland

It is time for another sneak peek. At this point, both of us have finished the main drafts for all of our stories. We're very excited as we move completely into beta reading and getting ready to revise for the final times on all of our stories. At this point we're hoping for an end… Continue reading Short Story: Neverland

My October is Getting Busy

I'm sitting here writing this blog post because I'm procrastinating. I should be writing a short story right now, because it's due Oct 1st.  I keep telling myself it's fine because I've already wrote the first draft, I just need to go back and make it perfect. Honestly I think I'm nervous...This short story isn't… Continue reading My October is Getting Busy