The Vile Desire to Scream – A Book Review


Snyposis: While her husband is away on business, Daisy Wildenstern buys a shape-shifting engimal from the charming adventurer Peter Barnum. The origins of the part-animal, part-machine being are a mystery.

Life is cruel in Daisy’s family. Trained from childhood to be merciless predators, the Wildensterns are taught to trust no one—especially not their treacherous relatives. As long as their reputation stays intact, nothing is considered unacceptable on their quest for wealth and power. But Daisy belongs to a new generation of Wildensterns who are determined to defy their elders and live a more honorable life.

When Daisy and the engimal go missing, it is of little surprise that most of her family doesn’t seem to care. It’s up to her brother-in-law, Nate, and his cousin Gerald to find Daisy and face her kidnapper, a ruthlessly cunning hunter.

With relatives like these, who needs enemies?

I read this novella in around an hour, the story is fast paced and interesting.  I was a little surprised at how short it is, but the story doesn’t feel rushed.  I loved the world!  The author puts a great deal of attention into detail and world-building and that was definitely a plus for me.  I was greatly intrigued by the engimal, the idea of this creature is fascinating. The Wildensterns family are also interesting, the way their family is set up with it’s strict hierarchy and mistrust.  As for the characters, they were okay.  Nate I felt was the most developed, he’s a stubborn character which I usually like.  Daisy was confusing for me. When she’s first introduced I thought she was more ladylike than she turns out to be.

Overall I liked the story and gave it four stars. Reading this book was fun, and when I finished I looked up the author to see what else he had written.

Has anyone else read this book? Does anyone have some other steampunk books to recommend?


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