Winter’s Child – A Book Review


Synopsis: A barren king and queen pray for a child, and when in their loneliness, they make one out of snow, their prayers are answered in a special, and unusual way.
Sometimes, when we get what we wish for, we don’t know what to do with it.

I got this book in a giveaway, and it took me a long time to read it because I moved the package had to catch up with me. But anyway, I finally got it last week and read it in less than hour.  The story is short, only 178 pages, less if you don’t count some of the extra pages.

Overall I was bored. The story begins interestingly enough, I’m always down for a fairytale or a retelling. The language is what first turned me off, it felt like it was trying to be fairytale language, or dialogue from 100 years ago. I just didn’t like it.
There was little to no character development, which really bothered me. I couldn’t care for any of the characters, someone could have been violently tortured and I would have just yawned.

The story is a good idea, like I said I like retellings, but it just didn’t do the job for me. I could see other people liking it, but overall my feelings were just meh.

I gave it one star on goodreads. Anyone else read this book? Did you enjoy it? Why or why not?


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