21 Before 21

I’ve been writing poetry the last few days and thinking about my life, because that’s what normal people do. 😉 Anyway, I’ve been thinking about goals and how to accomplish them. Sharing goals on my blog has seemed to work in the past so I thought I’d do it again.

  1. Get a tattoo: Because I’ve always wanted one and I just need to do it.
  2. Get a sixth piercing: Currently I have normal and double piercings and on cartilage on my right ear. Time for the other ear!
  3. Publish a novel: WHY HAVEN’T I DONE THIS YET?
  4. Learn to love myself: Because.
  5. Take more selfies: Tying into the first ones, I hate looking at my face, but I don’t want to hate it.
  6. Become friends with at least three people: Because I’m lonely and I have one friend in my area and she’s moving away in a couple days.
  7. Take a college class: Because I’m curious to see if I would like it and if I could do it.
  8. Start a Youtube channel: I’ve always thought this would be fun. 🙂
  9. Publish a second poetry book: Productivity is going to be a thing this year.
  10. Host my second book giveaway: Because I think this would be fun.
  11. Learn to drive: Yes, I know what you’re thinking. She’s 20 and doesn’t know how to drive? I know, I know. 😀 But between being terrified and moving in and out of the states I just haven’t learned.
  12. Decorate my home more: I’m not very good decorating and that kind of stuff, but I want to make my home look warmer and less empty.
  13. Become a better sister: I’m starting this month by getting out a birthday card early. I want to make sure I keep in touch with all of my siblings, sometimes it can be hard. I have my life and they have theirs, but I definitely need to put out more effort.
  14. Host a poetry reading: Just a small thing at my house, a couple friends, food, and me reading poetry.
  15. Dye and cut my hair: I would like to have a pixie cut and dye my hair blue or something. 😀
  16. Support more writers, poets and artists: I would like to start a monthly blog post where I showcase creative people I know.
  17. Sing more: I used to sing all the time with my sisters and I loved it. I found myself trying to sing by myself lately and found that it wasn’t as fun, because I criticize my voice more, but I love singing. No more feeling bad. I’m just gonna sing. Maybe I’ll do some covers and put them on youtube.
  18. Start doing yoga: I’ve done yoga here and there but I would like to regularly start meditating and doing yoga.
  19. Start or become a part of a writing/poetry magazine: I would love to work with other people on something that I’m passionate about.
  20. Revamp my Etsy store: This next year of my life is going to be my creative year. I would like to go all out and try new things.
  21. Create a work space for myself: Office if you will. Just a space I can call 100% my own, decorated with things that inspire me.


  1. oh oh this is such a GREAT list!! I have a list of things to do before I’m 22 and omg, I’ve done…like…none of them. >_> I get great ideas but then where is my enthusiasm?? Come baaaaaack. hehe. I’d love to get a pixie cut one day! BLUE WOULD BE EPIC TOO. Hope you get all these done! 😀

    • Thank you! 😀 Wow you’re going to be 22? That’s crazy. We’re all growing up! Yeah I know what you mean, I do that too sometimes. I can be all crazy excited for an idea one day and then the next have zero excitement.
      You should totally do it!!
      I’m thinking blue, or maybe a rose gold color…oorrr I don’t know really. Something pretty and wild. 😀

  2. Gahhh I’m so tempted to cut my hair but then I keep waffling back and forth because “WHAT IF I DON’T LIKE IT?” but then it’s also just hair, so, I dunno. :p Someday I’ll get the courage – maybe when I’m twenty one. xD
    And I totallyyyy get you on the publishing a novel. My dream is to publish it while I’m still a teen, but not sure if that’s going to happen or not. :p

    Katie Grace | A Writer’s Faith

    • You should totally do it!! 😀 It’ll be okay, if you don’t like it cut it again. Or maybe dye it or something.
      Well I really really hope you’re able to publish a novel before you’re out of your teens. Good luck! I really wanted to do that, didn’t end up happening. I mean I was able to publish a poetry collection, but still. Not quite the same thing as a novel. 🙂
      Thanks for stopping by!

  3. […] Life: Tomorrow I start an internship with the indie publishing company Patchwork Press! I’m super excited as I’ll be able to get experience editing and getting to see how a publishing company works.  And as always I’m working towards my goals from this post. […]

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