Short Story: Middle of the Desert

First for an update before a sneak peek. My wife is so fantastic that she has polished all four of her short stories into beta quality, and sent them out for review. I still have two more to finish, but we’re getting very excited as we’re getting close to the finish line.

So this week’s sneak peek is a look at one of my wife’s stories. This one was written this summer and is titled In the Middle of the Desert.

  Heat. It surrounded him. The sun’s rays found the holes in his shirt, giving him spots of sunburn. The desert sand spilled in between his crossed legs, rolling over his pants and sticking to his sweaty skin. Even the breeze that passed through periodically, was warm and chapped his lips. His digital watched beeped, that meant it was now noon. She would be here very soon. Jerzy lay down, the sand’s warmth radiated to his bones, the day was hot, and he loved it.

This story is about two lovers ending a relationship. Basically they are both artists who want to end the relationship while still on good terms as they both know that it was only temporary and don’t want either one to get hurt. It’s one of the more tame and family friendly pieces that she has written for this collection.
This story deals with themes of love, pain, connection, and reaching for your dreams. She wrote it this summer after taking a break from writing. She had heard a true life story that inspired her to write this one, and hopes readers find it just as fascinating as she does.

Abi’s Note: Thanks for reading everyone. Let me know what you think in the comments. Or share what you’ve been working on writing. 


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