Top Ten Tuesday


Here we are with another TTT from the Broke and Bookish! And today’s theme is books on our fall TBR list. I’m having a hard time thinking of books to use for this week’s post, for several reasons.  1) My post last week was all about the next books on my TBR.  2) Up until I started reviewing for NetGalley I didn’t make myself lists of what to read next, I just sorta grabbed a couple of books and sat down.  3) I haven’t been reading much lately…I know that’s terrible. I went on a reading binge and now I’m a wee bit full, so I’m reading my books veeeerrrryyyy slowly.  As you can see from my Goodreads currently reading list that has not changed in weeks.

So here is a list of ten books that I will read someday in the future, but I can’t say if I’ll get to them this fall. We’ll just see. 🙂

  1.  Hour of Mischief is going to be read at the end of this month, it’s an ARC copy from NetGalley.


2. I’m slowly going through the Hornblower series, which is a great series and you all should read it. I know that it’s an older book, but it’s about the British Navey and fighting against Napoleon. Makes for a fun read. 🙂 Hornblower and the Atropos is the 5th book.


3. Now this book has been on my TBR list since 2010, and I still haven’t gotten around to it. Cause ya know, books multiply. 😀   Anywho my cousin just read it and she loved it and reminded me that I wanted to read it.


4. Speaking of books that have been on my TBR for years, here’s another book I’d like to read in the near future.


5. A series that I need to finish is the Artemis Fowl series. The last book I read was book 5, and with a combination of forgetfulness and not being able to find it I haven’t been able to read the 6th book.


6. It’s funny because for this list I’m looking through all 91 pages of my Goodreads TBR and finding all of these books and remembering how much I want to read them. 😀 This is a book a couple of my friends read and loved.


7. This is a book I’ve wanted to read since last year, because I saw a movie trailer for it and thought that I should read the book first. 🙂


8. This book may surprise you, just because it seems everyone has read it. Despite being raised on mostly classic literature I’ve found that are some I haven’t been able to read.  Someday I shall read all the books, just watch me. 😉


9. I am a big of fan of Kurt Vonnegut. I mean who isn’t? I intended to read all of his books someday.


10. And last but not least. I have this book on my list.


There we go my peeps. Just a sneak peek into my reading list.  What about you? Have you read any books on this list? Want to read any of them? Don’t forget to put the link to your TTT post and I will be happy to read it!


17 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday”

  1. Your post inspired me to try Top Ten Tuesday for the first time! Except I wound up doing Top Three Tuesday instead because I don’t really do TBRs 😀
    I hope you enjoy Artemis Fowl, it’s a great series!

  2. Top Ten Tuesdays look SO much fun that I will have to maybe do them someday… Maybe when I start my exclusively-for-books blog and am not busy posting about other stuff all the time. XD But I love lists of books and it’s so fun to see these!

    I so want to read the Hornblowers! My brother really liked them and I want to because yes they sound awesome. 😀

    I’ve read the first Artemis Fowl, and have the second and third… must read them sooon!

    Need to get my hands on The Kneebone Boy–I’ve heard such good things of it! (By the way, it looks like it’s basically MADE for you… Has that sort of dark/Unfortunate Events/Miss Peregrine’s Children (orwhateverthatwasthatIforgetthenameofandhaven’tread) sort of thing. 😀

    Leviathan! Totally on my shelf waiting for me to read… I simply must read more Steampunk! 😀

    Loved this post! 🙂

    1. You should!! They are fun. 😀
      Tell me when you read them. Have you seen the TV series? It’s also really good.
      Basically you need to tell me when you read all the things. 😀
      I know me too!!
      I don’t have a copy of Leviathan yet but i saw the second book at one of my libraries so I’m hopeful that I’ll be able to read it soon.
      Aww thank you. Glad you liked it.

          1. Ummm… I watched a few episodes was FOREVER ago, so I hardly remember it except that I did like it. XD I have no idea who my favorite character was… o.o Probably Hornblower himself. 🙂 Like I said, it’s been awhile. 😛 I should totally rewatch them sometime!

            How about you? 🙂

  3. I’ve read a lot of Maria V. Snyder’s books, but not her Inside Out duology. That’s more of a dystopian than a fantasy, right? (I have no problem with dystopians; I was only curious.)

    Never heard of Hour of Mischief before. I might have to check it out on Goodreads… *logs on* There’s a giveaway for it right now?? *signs up*

    Hope you enjoy all of the books you listed here! 🙂

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