Top Ten Tuesday: If You Like Historical Fiction


And we’re back with another Top Ten Tuesday! As always head over to The Broke and the Bookish to see where this all started. 😀

I admit this week’s TTT was a little harder for me, and so because of this I’m not doing exactly what I’m supposed to. So today’s theme was “If you liked Book X then here are 10 books just like it.”  I went through my goodreads read list over and over and I just couldn’t find something with 10 other books that seemed right.  So today you get: “If you enjoy reading Historical Fiction, here are 10 books I recommend.”

  1. 84748    First on our list we have the Horatio Hornblower series by C.S. Forester. These books follow a young boy as he joins the Royal Navy, he starts off as a midshipman and slowly works his way through the ranks. It’s starts January 1794 and continues through most of Hornblower’s life.

2. 169762 This book has a really long title and it’s a really long book at 359 pages, but it’s The Astonishing Life of Octavian Nothing by M.T Anderson.  This is actually a duology. The main character is black and a slave, so obviously the book deals with racism, the book is set during the American Revolution. I loved this book because of it’s unique style.

3. 1078 Of course I have to have some of Pearl S. Buck on this list.  In my mind Buch is the queen of Historical Fiction. Not only are her stories extremely interesting, but I love that most of her books are set in Asia. She has a beautiful way of writing.  The Good Earth tells about the life of a farmer, starting from the day he gets married to his death.

4. 93521  Yes, another book by Pearl S. Buck.  This book is fabulous! Imperial Woman tells the story of the last Empress of China, Ci-xi.  She starts off as the concubine of the Emperor, but eventually takes his place as ruler of China. She was one badass lady. 😀

5.  409184 I read this book when I was a child, but I would love to find it again and read it again. Our Only May Amelia by Jennifer L. Holm is a Middle Grade book, but honestly you just need to read it. No matter what your age is. Set in Washington in 1899, this story is about an only girl in a family of boys.  Amelia is funny and so so so likable, I love this story. Did I say that already?  This book tore my heart out back in the day. *wipes away tear*

6.  51114  I seem to love Historical Fiction set in Asia. 😉 Women of the Silk by Gail Tsukiyama is set in China 1926. Pei is sent by her poverty stricken family to work in a silk factory.  I didn’t love this book as much as any of Pearl S. Buck’s books, but it was definitely an interpreting read.

7.  550998 Strangers and Sojourners by Micheal D. O’Brien follows a young woman named Anne who moves from England to British Colombia to be a school teacher. I love this book for a couple of reasons. First Anne is my type of woman, someone who never stops searching for meaning in her life, and second because the style of prose is beautiful.  This book is not an action book, or a book that moves from plot twist to plot twist. It’s a quiet book, some might say it’s rambley but if it is I say that’s a good thing.

8.  43944 Set on the eve, and contiuing throughout, the Nazi occupation of Paris, Suite Francaise by Irene Nemirovsky is a different take on these historical events. It follows a number of different people, and a village that must learn to deal with housing Nazi soldiers.

9. 321552 What a book! The Agony and the Ecstasy by Irving Stone is a book about Michelangelo. At 776 pages this book is a bit lengthy at times, but well worth the read. Here the life of this famous artist comes to life in an entirely new way. I loved this book because it gave me a greater respect for Michelangelo. Sculptors are amazing people.

10.  19089 Middlemarch by George Elliot, man what a book! This book follows Dorothea Brooke an intelligent girl trapped by the constraints of her time. Again this is a story about a women who wants intellectual meaning in her life. This whole story is brilliant.

So there we are! 10 books I think you need to read. So have you heard of these books or even read some of them? Let me know in the comments and please put a link to your TTT because I want to read it. Have a great day!


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