Happy Halloween everyone!  I hope you have a fun evening.  We stayed home, had some friends over and stuffed ourselves with candy. We also had a Harry Potter marathon, which was fun because I haven't seen them before. The movies do a good job of capturing the world of the books. ūüôā What did you… Continue reading Halloween!


Read, Write, Review, Repeat – October Wrap-Up

I can hardly believe that it's almost the end of October! Why is it that when we're kids the months drag along? Remember waiting for Christmas? Or your birthday? It was torture! ¬†Now that I'm an adult it's strange...Each day seems like a normal length and I fill it and keep busy, but then when… Continue reading Read, Write, Review, Repeat – October Wrap-Up

FORTNIGHT OF FRIGHT 2015 – Book Review: Dark Carnival

This year I was able to write a post for A Fortnight of Fright, a blog series by A Book Addicts Guide¬†and a two other lovely bloggers. ¬†Fortnight of Fright is two weeks of Halloween themed posts written by tons of other bloggers and authors. Check out all the posts there's been everything from book… Continue reading FORTNIGHT OF FRIGHT 2015 – Book Review: Dark Carnival

Top Ten Tuesday – Halloween Edition!

Today's theme from The Broke and Bookish is Halloween Freebie! I've been seeing lots of cool posts, from talking about creepy covers, to book recommendations even for those who get scared easily! So today I'm going to talk about the top creepiest books I've read this year. I don't think I'll get to ten because… Continue reading Top Ten Tuesday – Halloween Edition!

Trains Dream of Sweet Things – A Short Story

I had a very hard time today, coming up with an idea for a blog post. It didn't dawn on me till late this evening that I might be feeling a bit burnt out. I thought about writing about going to see¬†The Martian, but the words just weren't coming. I thought about sharing poetry, but… Continue reading Trains Dream of Sweet Things – A Short Story