The Secrets of Blood and Bone – By Rebecca Alexander.


Yes, I will admit it. This is another book I requested because of the cover. It just looked too tantalizing to resist! Also I thought I was being careful in selecting a book, but this book is a sequel.  Good news is, you can read this book without reading the first book which is titled The Secrets of Life and Death. It’s not confusing and they explain a lot of things that happened in the first book. Bad news is, now I really want to read the first book!! So I guess that’s not really a bad thing. 😉

Synopsis: Following her showdown with Elizabeth Bathory, Jackdaw Hammond is running from her past, hiding from her future, and hoping to contain her newfound thirst for blood. Buying an overgrown home in the middle of nowhere seems like the perfect place to escape…at least until she finds herself in the sights of a murderous family with a terrible secret and a penchant for dark magic. Meanwhile, her old ally Felix Guichard has gone to New Orleans to conduct his own investigation into the nature of blood magic, but is soon sucked into the intrigues of the city’s occult underworld. But Jack will need Felix more than she knows, for the battle for her soul is set to begin.
Her only salvation may lie with the secrets of 16th century master occultist Edward Kelley, and a dangerous mission he undertook in Venice to confront the Inquisition, the darkest deeds of his own past, and the fearsome power of Elizabeth Bathory.

So on to what I thought! I gave this book 4 stars on my goodreads. There was a lot of things that I really liked about this book, and of course there were a few things that I didn’t like, but that’s not surprising.

There’s a lot of interesting things about this plot. The twists and turns are all well placed, most I didn’t see coming, which is a big must for me. The magic and world-building were great, the book is set in modern day England with some chapters set in the 6th century.  Though I do have to say this is not YA book. I mistakenly thought this before I started reading. 😀 That said there are some adult topics in this book having to do with sex (though no actual sex scenes) and rape and fetishes.

Characters were all pretty good, Jake and Sadie were well done. Jack was awesome because she wasn’t a damsel in distress at all. At some points I was afraid she would be, thankfully it didn’t happen. Trying not to give spoilers, but there’s one scene were a guy attacks her and I liked it that she got out of the situation by herself.  Sadie was sweet. I wish we could have spent a bit more time with her character, but it turned out fine.  Maggie’s character definitely could have had more development, but maybe I wouldn’t say that if I had read the first book.   Felix was the one character that I did not like. He made me angry. I mean I understand that he was worried about Sadie and Jack but honestly he just seems to get in the way. I don’t have much to say about Edward, his parts of the story were pretty much always boring.  I wish we could have got more of Callum’s story, because his part in the end didn’t make much sense to me.
One thing I didn’t like about this book is the multiple narrators, this is more of a personal preference than anything else though. Switching back and forth between characters is sometimes confusing for me, this book did an okay job.  Overall I enjoyed the book, I would love to read the first book and I would definitely recommend it.

Find this book on Goodreads and Amazon. And check out the author’s website here! 

I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review. 

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