Chimera By Vaun Murphy – A Review


Goodreads Synopsis: If you witnessed your parents killed at age five for reasons unknown only to endure eight years of isolation in captivity, what would you do with your life when you were suddenly rescued by family you never knew you had? What if you yourself were even more than you seemed? The universe can be both a terrible and wonderful place to live if you have the courage to explore it. Enter an alternate reality of civil war, secrets, murders and betrayals that transcends space and time with CHIMERA, Book One of the Weaver Series. 

I got about 20% in this book before I just couldn’t take it anymore. I ended up skimming the rest of the book because I was so bored.

Okay so let’s talk about the plot first. The idea is interesting, and honestly unique. But the actual carrying out was predictable and boring. Things happened way to fast, the main character starts out in prison but only like 5% in she gets rescued. The character was the same, I could tell what she was going to say before she said it.  The writing was what really got to me. This book needed another editing so badly. The writing sounds childish and makes jumps in logic that make no sense. There were a lot of things that bugged me but I don’t want to go on and on. It’s enough to say I was very disappointed, I wanted this book to be good and I wanted to make it through this book. I would not recommend this book to anyone.

What do you do when you start a book you just can’t finish? How long do you wait before DNFing or before skim to the end?


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