NaNoWriMo Write-Ins

12 more days till NaNo! It’s almost time! 🙂

I’ve been posting once every week about this noveling event, so far I’ve talked about what I need to stay alive, and I’ve talked about the forums.  So this week I’m going to talk about write-ins with your region.

If you’re joining NaNo this year and you don’t know what or where your region is, it’s pretty simple to find out. The website describes regions like this: “Think of your home region as your Hogwarts house. It will be easily found in the top menu, and your word count and donations will go toward its totals.”  To find yours, start on on the main page, simply click the brown button that says “regions” and follow the button that says “find a region”.  Then search for your city, or a city near you and join!

What’s the point of joining a region? Write-ins and friends in your area! NaNoWriMo is a lot of hard work, but like I’ve mentioned before, if you have someone who can be there to talk plotting and characters, or hide your chocolate, or word war with you, NaNo can be a lot easier.  Join your region will help you find people in your area to help and be helped by.
Write-Ins are also a ton of fun.  Writers gather everywhere from libraries to local restaurants. Bring a laptop and maybe some food to share and start writing with a handful of other dedicated NaNoers.

Along with your region you will have a friendly ML, or municipal liaison, this person is there to guide you through NaNo if it’s your first time, tell you about write-ins and much more. They are there to help make NaNo the best experience possible.

Write-Ins are something that I haven’t been able to participate in as much as I’ve wanted to. Between moving or being out of state, or last year when I was planning my wedding, I just haven’t found the time.  Last year I was able to go for the first time to a few events.  This year however I am free as a bird and I plan on going as many times as possible. I’ve been in contact with my regions wonderful ML so that I can help wherever is needed.

In case you can’t tell I am over the moon excited about this. 😀 I’ve even started a calendar trying to fit in as many write-ins as I can.  I’ll be writing a follow up post more about my experience this year.  So go be apart of your region! You will not regret it.

How much are you excited for this NaNoWriMo? Do you go to write-ins and keep up with you region? 


2 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo Write-Ins”

  1. I am both very excited and nervous for NaNo this year! My story is a little unclear this time, but I’m looking forward to the surprises up ahead. Last year I was unable to make it to any of the regional events. I’ve switched regions this year and hopefully will be making it to the kick off party 🙂

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