What It All Means: Cover Reveal

Hey guys! Another short post today. Anyone want to see the cover Grant and I have made for our collection of short stories?  Please say yes, because I’m proud of it and I’d love to show you. 😀

What It All Means_CoverImage2

What It All Means Synopsis: Living and dying, love and hate, guilt, regret, honor, and destiny. In a collection of eight stories, Grant and Abigail Pearson have written characters in historical fiction and modern day settings to explore “What It All Means”. What makes life worth living? What makes life worth dying for? What does life mean? What are the extremes that balance and guide our lives? Grant and Abigail deal with these questions in their stories and with their characters, pushing the boundaries of storytelling time and again to discover what makes a human tick, what makes a human break, and how does one understand the grays that run this world. Few things are black and white in these stories. Some of them are darker than others, and some of them are more fantastical. But all of them — Grant and Abi hope — provoke consideration and reflection. And in the end, you have to decide ‘what does it all mean?’

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