Read, Write, Review, Repeat – October Wrap-Up


I can hardly believe that it’s almost the end of October! Why is it that when we’re kids the months drag along? Remember waiting for Christmas? Or your birthday? It was torture!  Now that I’m an adult it’s strange…Each day seems like a normal length and I fill it and keep busy, but then when I stop for a breath I realize that a whole month has gone. It’s times like this that I wish I had a better memory, and I could just bottle up a day or two here and keep them fresh for later when I’m old.

But today’s post isn’t going to be random musing and ramblings, I do actually have a plan. NaNoWriMo is quickly coming, so I decided I’d do a wrap-up post today, so I don’t forget to get it done. 🙂


Reading: I’ve now reached 162 books for the whole year! Gosh, that seems like such a huge amount when I think about it. It’s been so much fun, keeping track of all that I’m reading. I love Goodreads.  My total for the month is 18, and I’m planning on finishing at least one more book. So hopefully it will be 19 books for the whole month! 😀 I read a lot of one star books, I had some disappointing reads.  I also had some surprising 4 stars.  My favorite fiction book this month is Pure, and my favorite non-fiction is Long Quiet Highway by Natalie Goldberg.  Two of the books I read this month were from NetGalley, and one was from Blogging For Books.  I’m so happy I’m able to review books for both websites. 🙂

These are some of the books I need to read next month: Sherlock Holmes Vol. 2 by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle,  The Bourne Identity by Robert Ludlum, The Help by Kathryn Stockett, Tiger’s Curse by Colleen Houck, and The Witch of Lime Street by David Jaher. 


Writing: I didn’t keep track of my wordcount this month. I wrote a good amount of poetry for Mourning. I’m planning on writing 115 poems for the book and I’m at 46 currently.  This second poetry book is going to be amazing, it’s already blowing my mind.  I love seeing how much better it is than the first. I mean The Freedom of April was good as far as first poetry books go. But Mourning…I’m just in love with it. I know I’ve opened up a lot more, part of me was scared in the first poetry book. I was frightened of being completely real, and now there’s nothing holding me back in this second book.

Grant and I are still hard at work on What It All Means. We were hoping to publish it this month but that looks like it’s not going to happen. 😦  But we did finish the cover! Which I’m very proud of.

What It All Means_CoverImage2

Blogging: I’ve written a post every single day this month! That was really awesome, though hard sometimes. Thankfully I had a pretty good schedule and back up posts. Looking back at my goals post, it looks like I finished most of them. I reviewed 7 books, posted every day. I wasn’t able to publish the short story collection, and I didn’t finish Drawlloween. But I was apart of a link up and a showcase. I even wrote a horror story!  Thinking about all of October I feel pretty good.

Life: In other news I applied for a poetry magazine, but didn’t get in. That was disappointing. The magazine I found was perfect and I was really looking forward to to it.  Oh well I guess, there will be other chances.  And because I wasn’t accepted it’s given me the chance to apply for a publishing internship! Hopefully I’m able to get into that and then I’ll tell you all more about it. I’m keeping my fingers crossed. 🙂


Grant and I have decided to start a newsletter that comes out four times a year. We are very excited about this! I got the idea earlier this month because I was posting so often and I realized that my posts about publishing were getting lost in the shuffle. Our goal for the newsletter will mainly be to update people on our stories and poetry that are in the works, and those that are close to publishing. It will have some poetry, maybe a short story or two that we haven’t published yet and in it will we also review different things. Sometimes our favorite book or movie, and sometimes we’ll review our favorite coffee/tea shop or other place.  Anyway, stay tuned!

So that’s it for my October. How was yours? Did you get everything done? Tell me about the best thing you’ve accomplished this month, I’d love to hear. 🙂 


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