November Goals


Goals for November! The year of 2015 is almost over, can you believe it? I can’t. A year ago I was planning for my wedding and attempting NaNo and living with my aunt.  Now I’m married and writing from my own home.

But on to my goals, which I set up for myself in January. Of course this month is all about NaNoWriMo, as you guys probably already know because I’ve been talking about it for a month So yes, today is Day 2 of the month’s challenge and it’s been awesome! I’ll write a post about that later.

I also have my reading goals, which is to get to 170 books this month. I’m on 162 so that shouldn’t be a problem, but also I’m a but tired of doing so much reading, so we’ll see. It will be a challenge! Which is always fun.

I bought some hair dye last month, I still haven’t tried it yet as I’m a wee bit nervous. So that’s another goal for this month.

I don’t have many goals this month because NaNoWriMo tends to suck the life out of me. Which is also why this post is super short.

What are your goals for the month? Also I checked on my giveaway today and realized that not a single person entered. Oh well, but if you liked one of the books and still want it, let me know and I’ll send it your way. 🙂 


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