NaNoWriMo Day 7


The first week of NaNo is over! It’s so crazy that it’s only been week. So far today my word count stands at 33,008 and hopefully before the end of today I’ll get to 35,000. I’m trying really hard to finish 50k by the 10th of this month. Then I’m going to spend a day or two writing a minor plot for a second novel then try and write a second 50,000 words. We’ll see how this goes. 😀

The first few days of my writing were awesome, I was getting out all the words and I was enjoying what I was doing. Then around 5th and 6th I was really really tired of my novel and I had no clue what my characters were doing. On the night of the 6th I went to a late night write-in and I was able to break through my wall and get to a point where I was mostly happy with my story.

So what’s my story about? Eh I still don’t have a very good plot. But I do have a great character. Her name is Cecily Woodville. Throughout the novel Cecily uses her mind and beauty to get a place of power where she can keep those she loves safe, and to a place where she can wiled power against those who have hurt her. So my story is trying to be a mix of a character study and an adventure romance story.

How has your first week of NaNoWriMo been? Do you like your story? How are you characters doing? 


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