Mind of the Phoenix – A Book Review


Goodreads Synopsis: Moira is a powerful empath, a psychic graced with the ability to read emotions and memories. Her skill is as much a curse as a gift, for in the harshly stratified city of Braxton empaths are slaves. Clever and beautiful, Moira has learned to rely on no one but herself. Determined to escape life as a concubine, she kills her master, and is imprisoned for the crime.
This could be the end for Moira, but the government has need of her skills. A mysterious serial killer known as the Phoenix has been planting suggestions in his victims’ minds that drive them to murder and suicide. To gain her freedom, Moira partners with Keenan Edwards, a handsome young detective, to stop the killer.
Hunting the Phoenix will bring Moira on a more dangerous road than she imagined, forcing her to confront dark minds, twisted moralities, and her growing feelings for the detective.

My review: I really disliked this book. I think the initial idea is intriguing, but the actual story bored me to no ends. The plot felt jumpy and the characters were completely unlikable. Moira is incredibly annoying. Her character was a walking bag of contradictions. At one point she gets frustrated because she says she’s no damsel in distress and then only pages after gets rescued by a man because she can’t get out of the situation. She gets out of prison after weeks of not eating enough food and then days later is found to be incredibly attractive to every man that looks at her. Which brings me to another thing that annoyed me. Literally every guy wants to have sex with her and at some point I just get done with all of her arrogant descriptions of how much men want her.
I was also annoyed with the fact that the author used the word concubine instead of prostitute. Since prostitutes are paid and concubines are not, and Moria and her master were paid for sexual services. Anyway, this book had a beautiful cover that lured me in, only for me to find possibly the worst book I’ve read all month.

I gave this book one star on Goodreads. This book was given to me by NetGalley in exchange for a review. 


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