Long Quiet Highway – A Book Review


Goodreads Synopsis: The author of Writing Down the Bones recounts her journey awakening from the profound sleep of a suburban childhood, describing her fifteen years as a student of Zen Buddhism, her writing, and resistance to change.

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An autobiography of part of her writing life and her experience with Zen, Natalie Goldberg takes you on a journey of searching.  Asking questions like “what do I write?” and “what does it mean to be writer?”, she takes you on the moving and inspiring journey of her childhood to finding zen and her place in the writing world.

Natalie Goldberg is one of my all time favorite writers. My first experience with her was reading Writing Down the Bones last fall because it was a writing help book. I honestly didn’t expect much from it because writing help books have never really helped me in the past.  They also tend to be a bit boring and long.  I was very very wrong about Writing Down the Bones. Not only poetically beautiful, but extremely helpful, I loved every minute of reading it.   I’ve made a promise to myself to read it once a year, because it was that helpful.  But enough about that book, since that’s not what this post is about.  On to Long Quiet Highway.  I found this book randomly while wandering in the local library.  Seeing her name on the spine I immediately took the book and sat down to read it. I think it took me three hours to finish the book, and I was in love with it from the first sentence.   It’s one of my favorite thing to do, pick up a book and be invited into someone’s life. To be able to read their thoughts and journey. Autobiographies are honestly my favorite books. I’d pick them over fiction any day. I find them so inspiring and moving.

I gave this book five stars on Goodreads.

Have you read this book? What do you prefer, fiction or real life stories?  What are some of your favorite autobiographies, I’d love to read more! Thanks for reading. 



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