November Wrap Up

Wow, December 1st already. How crazy is that? November has come and gone.  My goals were posted here.

Nanowrimo was really weird this year. I won really early into the month and then tried to write a second novel, which did not happen. I was honestly torn. I was really happy to win NaNo, but it also made me sad to be unable to write the second novel.

Reading goals were a success as well! I got to 180 books last month, a total 10 over what I wanted to get. 😀

The only thing I didn’t get done was dying my hair.  Oh well, I still have the dye and I’ll get it done eventually.

How did you do this month? Did you win Nanowrimo? If you didn’t, how do you feel about your novel? Did you read a lot things this month? 



2 thoughts on “November Wrap Up”

  1. After I write a novel, I just have to rest. xD Even if the novel is small or I wrote it fast. I GOTTA REST. I once wrote 4 novels back-to-back in 100 days and honestly it depleted me so so baaaad I couldn’t write for 6 months after that. o.O NOT GOOD. XD I’m happy with how my NaNo turned out!! I’m considering starting edits after Christmas actually. heehehee.
    Yay for meeting your reading goals!! I’m about 10 or so off meeting mine. I GOT THIS.

    1. Yeah, resting makes sense. 😀 WoW! That’s a lot of novels, in very little time. That’s insane.
      That’s awesome, good luck with editing!
      Thank you. 😀 Yes you do! Totally got it. 😀

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