December Goals

I was supposed to write this yesterday, but it just didn’t work out. So here it is today.  So anyway, on to my goals for this next month!

Writing Goals: This month I’m going to try to write five hundred words a day.  So far I have not done this, but whatever. I’m going to try for it anyway.

Blogging Goals: Easy goals for this month. I’d like to keep blogging daily. I think it’s been really fun for me to do this.

Reading Goals: Now this is the goal that I am most excited for. I am really really hoping to get to 200 books before the next year.

What are you goals for this next month? Let me know! 🙂 




6 thoughts on “December Goals”

  1. I have a goal to write more too! And I think it’ll be super fun to post in the blog everyday… Not sure if I have the time to write all the posts though!

      1. that sounds fabulous. Working 36+ hours a week doesn’t leave me much time for reading sadly, especially with other goals like cooking, gym-ing, and trying to keep my house clean! Sometimes being an adult is sad 🙂

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