Bookish Turn-Offs/ All the Doctor Who Gifs

Sometimes there are books that you pick up and you know you’re going to like right away. And then there’s books that you pick up and start to like and then bang! Something happens in the book and now you’ve lost all interest. Me too, It happens all the time. I am the queen of picky book readers.  Now, obviously sometimes I miss judge books.  But I thought I’d do a post of 10 things that make it harder for me to like a book. Here we go!

1. Bad covers.  I am a sucker for a good cover.  If I find a cover that looks like not much effort was put into it then it’s just one reason I’ll put it back on the shelf without a second glance.   Poor photoshopping looks ugly and like there was no effort put into it.  Also covers like this one. All dramatic with attractive people doing things. I guess I shouldn’t say this is ”bad”, it just looks super cliche to me. 18516682

2. Along with the topic of covers I really dislike covers that have mostly naked people on them.  Not because I find it inappropriate or anything, I honestly don’t care about that part. It’s just that it looks like a dumb book. Like I know all this book is going to be about is sex with little to no plot or character developments.



3. And on the topic of hot guys.  Every time I read the blurb on the back of books that describes the potential love interest as ”hot” or ”sexy” I will put the book back.  I mean really?  Like everyone I am physically attracted to people, but I would really like some more descriptions about this person.  Please.  Thoughts and dreams and manners make the person, not the hotness.

giphy (15)

4. So now we’re on to blurbs or synopsis. Books that have no synopsis on the backs! What is with this?  I don’t want to read somebody’s opinion on the back of the book, I read book bloggers for this. What I want when I turn a book over is an intriguing blurb with interesting sounding characters.

giphy (14)

5. Continuing in the same vein, who else dislikes it when a blurb says: “This book is like this popular book and this other popular book!”  Originality folks!  I get that their trying interest people who’ve read such and such popular book when doing this. Still it more often makes me want to put a book back then read it. I want to know why your book is unique, not why it’s like the Hunger Games.

giphy (16)

6. Books about sports with sporty characters, doing sporty things.  Basically outside excursion is not my thing and I get bored. So when I pick up a book and it starts talking about some sport I usually put it back.

giphy (17)

7. Insta-love! Come on folks. We all knew this would be on this list somewhere. 😀  The immediate “I know this person will be my soulmate” cliche. Oh and the suspense, “will they be together!?” Yes. They will. Everyone’s going to live happily ever after because this isn’t actually real life.  *Sarcasm intensifies*

giphy (18)

8. Religion popping out of nowhere.  This bugs me to no end. If a book is going to have a subplot (or major plot) that’s religious I want to know before I get into the book. I dislike being randomly bombarded with it and then the author being like “Oh yeah this is the point of the book.”

giphy (19)

9. The teenager is the only one who can save the world cliche.  Please. I could barely run my own life as a teenager, how the hell are these kids saving the the whole damn world?  I admit this was an interesting, even inspiring at times, theme for books. But it’s gotten overused at this point and now every Bob, Tom or Jane can save the world. Regardless to the fact that they may not have any skills.

giphy (20)

10. Characters trying to sound all smart and intellectual.  “Ah ha, now let me use a five syllable word that most people don’t know or ever use. Aren’t I smart?”  Umm nope, actually you’re just annoying.  Big words don’t make a smart person.

giphy (21)


So there we are a few things that make me stop reading, or at least give bad ratings.  Complete with all the angry awesome doctor who gifs. You’re welcome.  Let me know if you have some of the same peeves, or what some of yours are that I didn’t mention. 


  1. And sometimes the comparisons (“This book is JUST like Harry Potter!”) aren’t even close! I learned that the hard way. 😛


  2. I completely agree with two. With four sometides thone things are inside. With five, it’s not always the author comparing the book it could also be someone else’s review. It’s hard getting origin ideas, but possible. Agree with nine. It’s ways up to one kid, not a group or adults. Good storie, but still. LOVE the pics!

    • It’s true, and that’s ok. But I’ve noticed more and more books having no blurb anywhere. Why? It’s silly.
      Oh yeah I know. I just dislike it that the publishers do that ya know?
      Thanks for commenting! 🙂

  3. Omg I SO agree and relate with #10 particularly. It kills me when they do that…I mean, smartness isn’t using big words all the time, right??! And I think it’s nearly lazy writing to just do that. Also I hate horrible book covers. The Ellie Marney series is like MY FAVOURITE OF EVER and the covers are sooo awful. D:

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