Daughter Of Fortune – A Review


Goodreads Synopsis: Orphaned at birth, Eliza Sommers is raised in the British colony of Valparaíso, Chile, by the well-intentioned Victorian spinster Miss Rose and her more rigid brother Jeremy. Just as she meets and falls in love with the wildly inappropriate Joaquín Andieta, a lowly clerk who works for Jeremy, gold is discovered in the hills of northern California. By 1849, Chileans of every stripe have fallen prey to feverish dreams of wealth. Joaquín takes off for San Francisco to seek his fortune, and Eliza, pregnant with his child, decides to follow him.

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I am a big fan of historical fiction, in fact I enjoy it more than I do YA Lit. I’ve always been a history buff, so when I saw this book I knew I had to read it.  At 432 pages reading this book is no small task.  Daughter of Fortune starts off very entertaining. Throughout the story we follow young Eliza Sommers, from her mysteries beginnings as a baby left on the Sommer’s doorstep, to her journey to America.

The characters are all very interesting. Eliza is a mix of a silly yet also intelligent girl.  I mean, pregnant and unwed she decides to stow away on a boat and sail to San Francisco. How stupid can you be? Love is love though, and I can understand her character.  Once in America though she does start making more intelligent choices. Dressing as boy to protect herself, staying with people she can trust.  Overall her story is entertaining.

I love historical fiction because I can always learn something new from it.  Daughter of Fortune gave me a great look into the world of Chile in the mid 1800’s. Something that I hadn’t read before. It was also interesting to see how far the rumors of gold went. I had read before about the Gold Rush, but hadn’t realized how many immigrants came from all over the world to make their fortune.

I decided to give this book three stars because the author did tend to wander a bit, and that made Daughter of Fortune slow paced at times.  Also the story would follow minor characters whom I didn’t really care about.  And at the end of the story Eliza wasn’t the most memorable character.





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