February Goals

Tomorrow starts the new month! I’m looking forward to doing new things, and these are my goals.


Writing: I set myself an easy goal for this month. I simply want to write a 100 words each day. I have some flash fiction ideas that I’ll jot down and probably share with you.  I’ll be continuing to work on Mourning and also work on my novel The Merry Picknickers of St. Petersburg.  The good news is What It All Means should be out for sale this month! I’m so glad that we’ve finished it.

Reading: I bought all the books in January! Well not all of them, but I bought a good amount. I’ll do a post about it later. 😀  Anyway, my goal for this month is to first catch up on my reading. I’m five books behind what I should be at for my 200 book challenge. Then if I get to that I want to catch up to my crazy friend Cait, whose currently at 21 books. Shhh no one tell her. 😉


Blogging: I don’t have goals for blogging this month…I might end up doing a survey at some point. I haven’t decided yet. I love blogging so I’ll keep at it and keep reading other people’s blogs.

Life:  I feel tired as it comes to the end of January.  I had all the goals and plans and ideas last month and if you’ve read yesterday’s post you’ll know, most didn’t happen. This month I want to take a step back and slow down. I want to enjoy spending time with my husband, I want to read a lot. I want to write here and there. But mostly I just want to take care of me.

So yeah…that’s about it.  Let me know what your goals are! Let’s talk about plans for February. 



One comment

  1. oh February… I guess it will be something like, try to get back on track with running (5 miles per week), and read 3 books. And put in a time off request for March because I already need a week off!!

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