Scary Old Sex – A Review


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Publication Date March 8th 2016

Synopsis: In this taboo-breaking debut, Arlene Heyman, a practicing psychiatrist, gives us what really goes on in people’s minds and relationships–those things unspoken in much of society, about sex between older people, or about sex and love when one person is very ill, or when the age difference makes the relationship practically illegal. Love and sex in these stories are seen, sometimes, through the wide-open eyes of women, with women often in dominant roles in relationships. A few of the stories are raw, many are unsettling, but all are insightful and at times humorous, looking behind the curtain at the intimacies we usually keep to ourselves. Not intended to be titillating, Heyman’s stories give us the lives we all live: the real, the sloppy, the human.

Lately I’ve been trying to read more short stories, so when I saw this collection on NetGalley I requested it right away.  Overall I found this book hard to rate, because some stories were amazing and I was fully engaged. Some of the stories though were not, they dragged on, or just had uninteresting characters.  I suppose this is something that can happen with stories, they can be varied.
Scary Old Sex is a pretty interesting collection and what I liked best of all was the fact that the stories made sex normal.  If you’re looking for a book of erotic stories, this isn’t for you.  While the sex is detailed (though not super graphic) it’s usually only in brief scenes. I honestly don’t have very much else to say about this book. It wasn’t fantastic, but it wasn’t a bad collection. The stories and characters were mediocre. The point of the collection was a good one.  I gave this book three stars on Goodreads.

I was given a copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for a fair review.


4 thoughts on “Scary Old Sex – A Review”

  1. It is probably the result of the idea that you can’t completely love it ( besides some other issues with it), but that is just a thought from my side, while I’ve only read this post, not the book itself.

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