Week 2 of February – Finishing Mourning

I’ve finally finished my second poetry! This morning I was awakened early by the cats and decided to try and do some writing.  It worked better than I thought it would and I was able to write the last few poems for my book.
I’m going to let the book sit for a few weeks and then I’m going to start editing it. I’m going to have a few friends read it as well. But until then I’m just reveling in the feeling of finishing something. I can’t wait to give you guys more updates for it, but until then here’s a snippet.

112. Why Do You Sleep Now?
you were all ablaze
just minutes ago
wide eyed, i could see your pupils
and the white of your teeth in your grin
i was ready
for another adventure
but now you’re asleep in my lap
i can hear your breathing
why sleep now?
when we had all these plans?
plans to leave the country
to fly away in the night sky
to land in Venice and never come back
now you sleep
fantasies forgotten
hidden for another day
and i lay awake
a silent loneliness creeping up my spine.


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