That One Time I Actually Enjoyed A SuperHero

Have I shocked you all? It’s no secret that I am not a fan of Marvel or DC or pretty any and all superheros. I don’t think they’re cool, I don’t relate to their problems and think most of their movies/stories are boring and cliche.

P.S I’m sorry if I’ve offended anyone. If you are a fan of superheros good for you! No, really, I get why people like them. I hope you don’t take this personally. 🙂

Now that I’ve made everyone mad, whose here to listen about the one movie I did like? 😀

My husband took me to see Deadpool yesterday for Valentine’s Day. I heard a lot of mixed things about this movie. I know a lot of people are upset about the rating, other people were excited because it was going to break the 4th wall.


Personally I was excited about it. I was hoping for a funny movie, one that didn’t take it self seriously, and a movie that was for adults. I got all three.  Deadpool, or Wade Wilson is hilarious.  I thoroughly enjoyed his humor. He has this running commentary going on 24/7 that’s just fabulous.
I really liked that the whole point of the movie was not him saving the world (so done with this) or saving the girl (we need more girls saving guys) but actually him trying to get his hot face back.  😀 Like I said this movie doesn’t take it self seriously.  I enjoyed seeing him make fun of the X-Men, and when it came down to it, I’m glad he wasn’t trying to be a hero. He just wanted his normal life and face back.

Here’s another surprise, I actually liked the romance between Deadpool and Vanessa. It wasn’t a whole bunch of gag worthy fluffy romance.  They understood each other with sarcasm and sex. And I enjoyed that they had a different type of relationship than what normally gets shown in superhero movies.
At times I was a tiny bit grossed out by the violence, I did flinch more than once, to the amusement of my husband. But I was glad that the movie was rated R. I’d honestly go see the movie again.

So those are my thoughts on the movie, has anyone else seen? Let me know what you liked  or didn’t like. Thinking about seeing it? Do it! 


4 thoughts on “That One Time I Actually Enjoyed A SuperHero”

  1. Aww, not a superhero fan? *WEEPS COPIOUSLY* hehe. okay but I get it! I love superheroes, but I’m not as big of a fan as I was. Mostly because I think it’s kind of disgusting that it’s 2016 and there are exactly ZERO feature films about heroines. Sure they’re coming. But I still find it monstrously unacceptable that it’s taken this long. *growls*
    I’m really excited for deadpool too!! I only read a few comics that my library had but they were hysterical too. XDXD I CAn’T WAIT TO SEE IT!!

  2. Now I seriously can’t wait to see it. I love the less standard superhero thingge has going on and after your review I’m sure I’m going to enjoy it.

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