21 Before 21 – A Recap

So it’s been 6 months since I wrote a post about 21 goals I had for my year of being 20 years old.  I thought I’d do a recap, firstly to show myself what I’ve done and what I need to work on, and secondly to update you guys.  So here’s what I have done so far!

6. Become friends with at least three people: In the past few months I’ve become friends with two lovely ladies. One of them lives here in Oregon and the other lives in Louisiana. Fate it seems is smiling down on me, for we all know how hard it is for introverts to make friends.

12. Become a better sister: Since September four of my siblings and my dad have had birthdays and I have actually done well with getting out cards to them.  I’ve also tried to message my siblings regularly. It doesn’t always work but I did send a box to my brother (whose at school) and started a writing idea with two of my little sisters. 🙂

14. Dye and cut my hair:  Still haven’t dyed my hair but I have cut it. I used to have shoulder length hair, then I had a bob in the summer then soon after that I got a pixie cut. I am LOVING my hair.

15. Support more writers, poets and artists: This has been so great! As most of you know I do a monthly blog series featuring artists or writers. I’ve loved it so much I’ve decided to not stop at the end of the year. I have some great people lined up for the next coming months and I can’t wait to share them with you all.

19. Start or become a part of a writing/poetry magazine: Has it already been a month? I think so. Well anyway a month ago I started an internship with a literary magazine. I’ve also applied to two other places, so we’ll see what happens with that.

So five goals of 21? And I have 7 months till my birthday, that’s not bad. Writing this post has been really good for me, I’ve been a bit depressed recently thinking that I’m not accomplishing anything. But I am doing things!

How are your goals for this year coming along? Let’s encourage each other! 


2 thoughts on “21 Before 21 – A Recap”

  1. You’re doing great!! Waaay better than I did last year. XD I had 22 goals before I turned 22 and … basically I wrote them and didn’t even look ONCE back at them. Gah. It wasn’t a good year for goals last year…and I skipped making them this year because I’m lazy. hehe.
    But omg, yayyy for making friends and getting your hair cut! I have a secret wish for a pixie cut but I have NO idea if it’d look good on me. I just hate doing my hair and I’d love it if it wasn’t in my face. XD

    1. Aww Thank you! 😀 Lol oops. Well I mean you’re already on your way to becoming world ruler, so I’d count that as accomplishing a goal. 😉
      You should cut your hair! Just do it. It’s incredibly freeing. 😀

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