February Wrap Up

Ugh I’m late on all my posts these days. 😦 Well better late then never right? Here’s what I did last month.

Reading Goals:  Reading this month was a constant game of catch up. What ever was I thinking at the beginning of the year? 200 books is a crazy huge amount. And even though I did it last year for some reason it just feel harder this year. I think it’s because last year I went over my goal and this time I’m scrambling to keep up. *Sigh* My total book count for the month was 17 books.  Which is okay really. It was fun. I read a lot of different books, as you can probably tell from my reviews. A lot more nonfiction this month, which can see on my goodreads profile.  I’m SO behind on reviews right now it’s insane.  And if you’re wondering, no I never caught up to Cait. 😀

Writing Goals: Of all my goals this one went the best.  Feburary’s writing challenge was 100 words a day. And out of all 29 days of the month I only missed about 4!  I ended up posting a few of my flash fiction stories that came out of this goal.  I finished Mourning! As you all know from the post, also What It All Means is finally out and on Amazon. I started a new poetry book titled “Sappho: Things I Confessed to Myself”  and it’s been going alright. It’s going deeper than the previous poetry books in a challenging and good way. I’ll post more about it later. But as far as any novel writing I didn’t end up doing very much.

Blogging Goals: Yeah no survey this month and a general lack of posting. I suppose that’s what I get for not making a goal, but it felt kinda nice to not have one hanging over my head.

Life Goals: This was a long month for me. A long stressful month. The situation with other housemates has been troubled to say the least.  The result was a severely anxious and depressed me. I know I shouldn’t let things get to me so much but as an INFP I have a hard time with letting my emotions control me.  I’ve been trying to work on it…And as ever Grant is such a big help.  Spring is coming though and I feel like it’s time to turn a new leaf and let things out.  Let’s hope for the best this month of March!

So how did you do this month? Writing goals or anything else? I’d love to chat. If you do a month wrap up or something of the sort leave a link below, I’d love to read all about it! 




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