Top Ten Tuesday on a Wendesday


Top Ten Tuesday is a bookish linkup brought to us all by The Broke and Bookish blog.  I didn’t get a chance to write this post yesterday so I decided to do it today. This week’s theme was 10 characters that everyone seems to love that you don’t.  I thought this sounded fun so here I go!

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1. Chaol from Throne of Glass.  And 2. Dorian from Throne of Glass

Whilst reading reviews for Throne of Glass I realized that a lot of people loved the characters from this book. People were even teaming up into Team Choal or Team Dorian.  Me? I had a hard time remembering who was who because they both seemed so alike, who was talking, who was doing what? I don’t know! Add to that the fact that they were pretty stereotypical. Choal is the flirty prince who secretly hates court life and just wants a real girl. Dorian is the good one. ‘Nough said.

3. Kai from Cinder

I really really did not like this dude. He was an awful prince. Like he everything he did and said was stupid and I really wanted to punch him all the time.

4. Hazel from The Fault in Our Stars. 

I read a blog post the other day that really summed up well how I felt about Hazel, and all of John Green’s characters.  Hazel is supposed to be a normal teenager who happens to have cancer. Nothing about Hazel is normal. She’s a pretentious blob of words.

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5. Four from Divergent.

Overall I just didn’t care for the Divergent series, so I didn’t really get why people liked any of it.  But I did feel like Four was cliche and his nickname was annoying.

6. Gansey from The Raven Boys.

Here’s one that’s really going to push some buttons.  I absolutely hate Gansey. He’s a puffed up dick to everyone and I just really want him to die already. He’s controlling and just…ugh. Like I said I really hate this character. I don’t understand why anyone could like him.

7. Mia from If I Stay.

I read a review on this book awhile back, so we all know I have problems with the whole book. But I had issues with Mia in general. She was a bit overdramatic at points with her boyfriend. Though I understood why she felt out of place when with her boyfriend I just never connected with her because I felt like she focused too much on being the ”outsider”.

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8. Cassie from The 5th Wave.

Cassie was okay in the first book, though the way she talked was annoying. Then she just got more annoying in the second book. I really didn’t understand her love of the creepy alien boy.

9. Claudia from Incarceration.

First off I just have to say that this book is one of the dumbest worst written books I’ve ever read.  And it was sad because it was a brilliant idea. The main character Claudia was annoying and so so so predictable. I laughed while reading this book because it was that terrible.

10. America from The Selection. 

God could her name be any worse? I really doubt it.  This book was a love triangle that dragged on for way too long and I never could connect with America. She was indecisive and silly.


So there we are! I’m sorry to anyone who reads this and loves any of the characters I picked on.   But on a happier note I’m thinking about doing a second post talking about the characters that I love that most others don’t seem to like.  Yay or nay? 






  1. The only book I’ve read out of these is Cinder, and I never finished the series. It just…I don’t know. I didn’t have enough interest in it to keep going. I saw the movie of The Fault in Our Stars, and, yeah, I’m never going to read the book. And the other books I don’t plan on ever reading because they seem pretty terrible. I would love to see the characters you love! Do the post:)

    • I’ve read most of the series, you aren’t miss much. 😛
      I didn’t end up seeing the movie, but I can imagine it wasn’t that impressive.
      Thanks for commenting! I think I will do a second post on great characters. 🙂

  2. Have you read any other John Green books? I’ve been trying to decide if any of them are worth my time. Also yes to the post about characters you love that others don’t seem to like 🙂

    • Yeah I’ve read Fault in our Stars, An Abundance of Katherins, Looking for Alaska and Paper Towns. I didn’t like any of them.
      Okay! I will. 😀 I’d love to do it.

        • Lol Idk why I’ve read so many since I really dislike his books. 😛 Yeah I understand just keeping to stuff that you know. I’d love to find more stuff by the authors that I love, but the library doesn’t always the stuff I want.
          Btw I saw that you read a group of essays on religion. How was it?

          • I think you’re talking about the Bertrand Russell book? It was interesting in some respects – a lot of what he was writing was early 20th century, so it gave me an interesting view into that time, and it’s always good to remember that a lot of ideas I feel like are “new” have been around longer than I tend to think. But one of the essays I couldn’t make it through because it was boring. Overall I’d say it’s worth reading!

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