Burn – A Review


Goodreads Synopsis: With his father now dead, Partridge has assumed leadership of the Dome, one of the last few refuges from the ravaged wastelands of the outside world. At first, Partridge is intent on exposing his father’s lies, taking down the rigid order of the Dome, and uniting its citizens with the disfigured Wretches on the outside. But from his new position of power, things are far more complex and potentially dangerous than he could have ever imagined.
On the outside, a band of survivors faces a treacherous journey to Dome. Pressia carries with her the key to salvation. If she can get it to the Dome, the Wretches could one day be healed and everyone might be able to put the horrors of the past behind them. Bradwell, the revolutionary, cannot forgive so easily. Despite Pressia’s pleas, he is determined to bring down the Dome and hold its citizens accountable for leaving the rest of the world to burn. El Capitan, the former rebel leader, wants to help Pressia save as many lives as possible–but he’s struggling to reconcile his newfound compassion with his vicious past.
As former allies become potential enemies, the fate of the world is more uncertain than ever. Will humanity fall to destruction? Or will a new world rise from the ashes?

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It took me forever but I finally finished this trilogy. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to finish it because the second book had been a disappointment but the book was at my library and I did have an itch to see how things ended.  Soooo what are my thoughts? Honestly I’m not sure.  You can read my review of the first and second book here.

A lot of the things that had disappointed me in the second book continued in Burn. The characters were just annoying. Pressia was more worried about her lover Bradwell than helping the world be better, which was what I loved about her in the first book.  Partridge was the worst character of all. He was so determined to do ”the right thing” that he didn’t once stop to think about the consequences to his actions. I hated him. Hated. El Capitan was again the best of men. His love for Pressia was great, because he told her how he felt but he didn’t feel the need to press her and it wasn’t the only thing he thought about. Bradwell was an asshole and manipulative.

I could go on and on about the characters but why should I? The plot was mediocre and I could tell almost everything that was going to happen. Right up until the last few pages. I’m serious like right at the end all of these crazy things happened and it left me feeling a bit confused. On one hand I really happy with who died, I won’t say who because spoilers but anyway. On the other hand it was so sudden that I had to read the pages three times to make sure I had read them right. So the ending was actually good, but I felt like it needed to have been written better. The ending was way to rushed. I wanted the writer to have spread it out over at least 20 pages but probably more would have been good.

So I feel torn, I feel like the ending has left me hanging more than anything else. I gave the book three stars though because it could have been a really good ending.

Have you ever read a book that ended and you were left wondering what had happened? What’s your favorite type of ending, happy, sad or bittersweet? 



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