Side Characters that Need More Love

Recently I’ve been doing posts about characters. I’ve talked about characters I love, characters I hate and now I want to talk about side characters that I think need their own stories.


Isla and the Happily Ever After – Genevieve Martin: I really loved her character! More than the main character Isla even. Gen seems down to earth and interesting, plus she’s bisexual which I think is awesome. I always want to see more diversity in books.


The Raven Boys – Ronan:  Oh angry Ronan. The most interesting of any of the characters I wish that Gansey would fall down dead and Ronan would become the main guy character of this series. His cool dream magic is amazing.


Daughter of Smoke and Bone – Zuzanna: Zuzanna is hilarious and loyal, she sticks by her best friend and add the comic relief that the book needs. I thoroughly enjoyed her character in the first book.


The 5th Wave – Teacup: Of all the characters in this series Teacup is the ONLY one that I felt for. Even more in the second book when so much happens to her.  Can we just rewrite the entire series and make her the main character please?


Pure Trilogy – El Capitan: He becomes the only character I cheer for at the end. And I love that in the beginning he’s a very shady character, I didn’t trust or like him at all. But by the end of the third book he fully redeems himself.

So those are just a few side characters I love.  What about you? Tell me about some of the side characters you loved more than the main character. 




    • oh cool I’ll check out your post! 😀 Yeah I guess you’re right…I just don’t like POV changes and was spending a lot of time being mad at the other characters that I felt like I couldn’t focus on him as much as I wanted to.

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