Camp Nano Day 6


I finished my play on April 4th! It was really fun and my first time writing a play.  The more I wrote the more I realized I didn’t really have a point, so yeah there’s going to be a lot of editing needed. Still it had tea shops, pizza and ice cream, writers and making new friends so I think So Let’s Meet in the Tea Shop was fairly successful. As far as editing goes I’m going to let the play sit for a few weeks before I go back and rewrite.

And now I have the rest of April to wonder what to do. Yesterday I took a break and read the entire day (yay more reviews to come!) which was really great. Now I’m wandering around facebook and pinterest and my cabin.  Well and yes writing this.

So let me know how your Camp Nano is going! Anyone not doing it?  This is actually the first camp I’ve ever won, have you ever won Camp before? 



3 thoughts on “Camp Nano Day 6”

  1. Congrats! 🙂 …Whoa, they let you do a 5k goal now? Last I knew the lowest goal was 10k. XD I’m not doing Camp this year because I don’t think I do all that well with goals and I’m kind of burnt out; plus I have a lot of book review deadlines this month! o.o But I did do a bit of random writing on the first, so at least I’m not TOTALLY ignoring my writing… 😉

    Congrats on your first play and first Camp win! How exciting!

    1. Thanks! Yeah they let you do whatever you want I think. Now that I say that I’m not 100% sure.
      I see, well still book reviews are great! Have fun with that.
      Thanks again! 😀

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