Second Chapbook Release!

XII Cover_Art (1)

I am super excited to announce the release of my second chapbook! Like last time I’m using the website Payhip, which is really cool. It’s super easy to maneuver around and good to work with.   My second chapbook is titled XII and features 12 poems on love and life.

Synopsis:  my favorite part/is to run my fingers up and down/his bare back.

XII features twelve poems on love. Twelve lyrical thoughts collected from laying in bed with a lover, from gathering the feelings of regret for the one that got away, from dashing words out on page when I was excited, and from waiting to plan life with someone I cared for. These are just some of the topics I’ve written about in this collection. 


You can take a look at it and buy it via this link:

XII is only $1.00 but if you support me over on Patreon I have a special link to a free copy of it.  I will be sending a link to the free copy via patreon personal messages. Thanks for supporting me!


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