10 Reasons Why Being an INFP Isn’t Always Fun

My Myers Briggs personality is INFP, which basically means I’m an introvert who feels all the things. Today I wanted to talk about some of the downsides to being INFP.

1.  I’m an emotional sponge: Some days I pick up other people’s feelings like I’m tape, which results in  a feeling overloaded. I’m sometimes so aware of what others are feeling around me that I start feeling it too.

2. My feelings change rapidly: I go from boiling in anger to skipping with glee in a matter of seconds. This is sometimes confusing to people around me and makes me seem like a loon.

3. I’m a hopeless dreamer: Far fetched, idealistic (which is coupled with my undying pessimism) probably-will-never-happen-but-let-me-put-all-my -hopes-into-it dreamer.

4. I take criticism very very personally: Even if the person didn’t mean it negatively, I just feel everything so strongly. Which leads into number 5.

5. I get depressed: If something bad happens or I mess up, it sends me into depression. Everything’s my fault. I’m a fucking screw-up. I don’t deserve to be happy. These are all thoughts that go through my head.

6. My memory is a jerk: I remember everything negative that anyone has ever said to me. And then replay it over and over again to prove to myself I’m worthless.

7. Motivation isn’t my thing: It can be hard for me to be motivated to do something unless I feel 100% like I want to do it.  This goes for writing, chores, anything. If I don’t have an emotional connection to it, then I can’t motivate myself.

8. I care too much: If I love you, I will love you to the end of the world and back. If I hate you, I will hate you just as long or longer. This can be good and bad. Mostly it just hurts.

9. I’m incredibly shy and socially awkward: This leads to a lot of people thinking that I hate them. I don’t.  Usually .;) I just don’t know what to say or what to do. I’m sorry.

10. I often feel like no one will ever fully understand me: Which makes me lonely.

So there ya go. Don’t worry too much about all the negativity in this post. I promise I’ll be posting soon about all the things I love about being me. 🙂  What’s your Myers Briggs personality type? 




  1. It’s been interesting to see how my personality has changed over the years – I remember being an INTJ in high school, then an INTP, now apparently (I just took the test again) an ISFJ. So apparently the only thing that has stayed stable about me is that I am an introvert! I can see how I would change from T to F and N to S because of my job and the fact that I have to communicate with people all the time – especially since I communicate with them about their children, which is always a sensitive subject. But I’m definitely an introvert – I love my books, and my alone time, and get more energy from being home alone than being in almost any social situation.

  2. I’m an INTJ! but I still relate to a lot of these…probably the introvertish ones, right?! 😛 I’m so totally shy and awkward and I’d much rather be alone with my books or writing. Although I am very self-motivated. If I want to do something: I just power through and DO IT. XD But agh, it’s very hard to feel understood, I get that a lot too. 😦

  3. Good post. 🙂

    INFP here

    1) Never realized like that to me. Might be true.

    2) Yep. Agreed. People call me crazy, and loves me that way. I enjoy being little crazy, with changing feelings often. But usually in the beginning people misinterpret me and call me a weird, then as time runs, people starts loving me. I see this craziness of me as Jack Sparrow or Jim Carrey from Liar Liar.

    3) Felt that way.

    4) Agreed. Very sensitive to critics. Whenever i face a critic, i show them this one and they keep their mouths shut for a while.


    5) I often get that feeling when I’m in a cold environment or climate. I try to keep myself in warm environments. Sometimes exercise helps me to put of depression. Sometimes, writing and reading. Rarely outing and meeting people.

    6) Agree. My memory is actually poor. But that replaying habit is something i want to get rid of, or get into control of. Don’t know what to do with it.

    7) Agreed.

    8) True. Well said.

    9) I don’t see myself as shy,, but socially awkward.
    ” I just don’t know what to say or what to do. I’m sorry.”
    I’ve always felt that. People remark that I talk without thinking.
    People who loves me and those motivational type people remarks, I talk very openly right from the heart, without wearing any social masks.

    10) Agreed. But I accept the fact that others might not understand us well. I use to think it makes me a mystery for few.

    Thank you.

  4. Yeah Ive been socially awkward all my life. Im 24 and this whole time I nust categorized myself as purely having social anxiety and being introverted. Now, I just know its something that is kind of just engrained in my personality.

  5. you should check out my recent post on being an INFP. By the way I agree and relate to pretty much everything here. Some of it like the critic and depression thing hit me hard last week.

  6. Hey there (again)! Unfortunately, I agree with this one too. Expecially number 4 which is something I’m trying to improve but, as you know very well, it’s easier said than done. But we INFPs are strong and if it’s something we care about then we’ll do the impossible. Again, beautiful post! 🙂

  7. Hey, INTJ here. my memory is a an asshole too. Sounds kinda dumb but it helps me to keep a compliment journal. when ever someone genuinely compliments me i try to write it down. so when I get stuck in one of my self-hating ruts, I can remember some of the good things too.

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