We Don’t Care About Music Anyway


We Don’t Care About Music Anyway is a documentary film released in 2009.

From radical turntablism (Otomo Yoshihide) to laptop music innovation (Numb), via classic instrument hijacking (Sakamoto Hiromichi), Tokyo’s avant-garde music scene is internationally known for its boldness.

I decided to watch the film on a whim really. I wasn’t sure what I was going to do today and documentaries are always inspiring to me. I can’t begin to tell you how much I loved this. Right from the beginning the unique filming drew me  in. Showing street scenes of everyday Japan and performances by the musicians themselves to scenes.  Everything is crafted together really well.

Never have I wanted to be apart of a music scene more than after watching this film. The music reminded me a lot of Dadaism. Electric guitars and drums, but also everyday noises. It’s not the stuff you would listen to ”for fun” or anything.  But it is interesting to listen to. It makes me think. Everything and anything can be turned into music, as long as there is a purpose behind it. Each artist is rebelling against the norm is his or her own way. Each is telling the world, “We are our own people. We will not be ”normal”‘.

I’m sure this film isn’t for everyone, and I’m sure not everyone will even agree that what is being created is music. But if you’re ever in the mood of a unique documentary, you should give We Don’t Care About Music Anyway a try.



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