The Hired Girl – Historical Fiction Is The Best


Goodreads Synopsis: Fourteen-year-old Joan Skraggs, just like the heroines in her beloved novels, yearns for real life and true love. But what hope is there for adventure, beauty, or art on a hardscrabble farm in Pennsylvania where the work never ends? Over the summer of 1911, Joan pours her heart out into her diary as she seeks a new, better life for herself—because maybe, just maybe, a hired girl cleaning and cooking for six dollars a week can become what a farm girl could only dream of—a woman with a future.

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I found this book at the library and was immediately interested in it because of the cover. I started reading it then and there and was not disappointed.

The Hired Girl is turner from the start. Joan, our main character is a farmer’s daughter who longs for a better life. Her father has no use for her besides as a working woman, and Joan decides if she’s ever to get anywhere in life then she needs to make some money.  Unfortunately her father doesn’t agree. Joan is a spunky character, a bit childish sometimes but not in a bad way, in a way that’s understandable for her age.  She’s also smart and hard-working. I fell in love with her right away, feelings compassion and wanting her to be able to get a better life.

There were a couple of times that I thought I knew where the story was going, but the twists always surprised me. I greatly appreciated this.  I loved the topics that this book talked about, education for women, anti-semitism and more. I felt truly immersed in the world of 1911.

This book reminded me of how much I love historical fiction, especially in YA. I feel it gives people not only the chance to learn something new about history, but also not to look at history just as something in the past. But rather to look at it from a place of sympathy and realize we all can learn from the past.

I ended up giving this book four stars on Goodreads, I heartily recommend it to you all.


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