In Which I Write About Rainbow Rowell

Yesterday I was able to find the book Carry On at my library and immediately freaked out and sat down to read it. Because of that I decided to do an entire post about Rainbow Rowell and how much I love her books.  You’re welcome. 😉


Once upon a time I was spending the night at my cousin’s house.  She, and some of her sisters and I were all chatting up in her room when suddenly I saw a book.  It was a pale green color and was titled Fangirl.  I had heard about this book and it sounded somewhat interesting so I reached over and took a closer look at it.  I ended up reading a few pages and was sucked in.  I think I finished the book about 24 hours later.

And thus began my love of all books written by Rainbow Rowell.   I  just love how she writes such real characters, the depth of them makes me feel like they’re people. Actual living breathing people.  With Fangirl I had never encountered a character that was so like me. Cath is an introvert, kinda awkward socially writer who’s trying to make it in the real world. Everything she felt or was feeling I had felt too. It’s not often I feel like a writer has been able to correctly capture introverts.

I also love how Rowell writes romance. And that’s saying a lot because I’m hugely critical of romance in stories. I usually dislike it. But so far, in each Rowell book I’ve read she’s moved me to tears. I can actually feel what the characters are feeling almost as if it’s happening to me. From Eleanor and Park which is a teenage love story to Landline which is about a marriage in crisis. Each book made me feel so deeply and ship the characters so much. 😀

Rainbow Rowell is my role model when it comes to being a writer. Someday I hope to be as great a writer as she is.  I hope that I am able to write intelligent, deep and moving characters. I hope that I can write plots that keep people on the edge of their seat. But most of all I hope that I am able to create characters that people can relate too and love for the rest of time.

Tell me about your favorite writer? Also there must be more Rowell fans in the house? 


  1. YAY YES I ADORE RAINBOW ROWELL. (Please, WordPress, do not delete my comment after this heart.) ❤ I've been a massive fan of hers for ages, and many of my friends complain about how often I flail about her haha. Like you, I'm not a massive fan of romance in all books but I do love the way she writes romance! IT'S ALWAYS GREAT TO FIND ANOTHER ROWELL FAN YAY.

      • AAH HOW DO I CHOOSE. I love all of them in different ways, but… Probably Eleanor & Park or Carry On. Carry On is super close to my hearts since I was pretty into Simon Snow before it was announced and I followed all the conspiracies about ‘Is Rainbow writing it?!??’ I was basically in love with the world + characters before it was even published. But I think it is quite different to her other books. How about you? 🙂

  2. I haven’t read any of her yet… but I’ve heard good things! Her stuff’s all contemporary, right? My favorite author (besides Tolkien but that’s a given) is Diana Wynne Jones, but you probably know that. XD It’s always great having a fave author so this was fun to read! Thanks for sharing, and I’ll have to read a Rowell someday (if only for her name… :P).

    • You should! 😀 Yes it’s contemporary, save Carry On, which is Contemporary Fantasy. I might have guessed that she was your favorite. 😉 But Howl is a great character so it makes sense. 😀 Thanks for reading!

  3. Ok, I keep meaning to read her stuff and just keep picking up other books instead… now I’m so freaking excited to start reading her stuff! Ahh! (Also I’m planning to follow you on instagram so don’t freak out when you get a random friend request!)

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