May Wrap-Up

Shhh don’t tell me May is almost over. 😛 Anyway here I am again with a monthly wrap-up.  I hope your month went well?  This month went really fast and the end sort of snuck up on me. I got very few of my goals done…Hopefully June will go better for me. 🙂

Reading: 16 of 20 books.  Here are some of my favorites, reviews will be coming within the next month. I’m so far behind on reviews I apologize.


Writing: Edited play, added about 1k to Alice in Wonderland retelling, edited Mourning and decided it was nowhere near ready to query, and I will be sending out the newsletter tomorrow.


Blogging: Didn’t blog every day.

Life: Started working as helper for great-grandmother, planned/panicked about summer, got 6th piercing.



  1. Yes, omg please let’s not talk about the fact THAT IT IS ALREADY JUNE. THIS IS NOT GOOD AT ALL. *shrieks* although I do feel like I’ve been productive this year, I also feel like it’s simultaneously going mega fast and mega slow. 0_0 yes. I’m aware that makes no sense. WELCOME TO MY LIFE HAHAH. Ahem.😂
    But yay I’m super glad to see Carry On up there with your new favourites. 😀 And congrats on the new piercing and new job!

    • I KNOW! Like what even is happening with how fast life goes? Same. Hopefully the summer will slow down to a nice medium pace. 😉
      Yeah! It was a great book, I hope to review it soon.

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