June Goals

June 1st is tomorrow so of course that means today I need to set goals. 😀

Reading: This is more of an overall goal for the summer, but I am way behind on my NetGalley books! So my hope is to get my feedback ratio up to 100%.  It’s currently sitting at around 60%.  Somedays it can be hard to read on the kindle, as hard copies of books are the best things ever, but no more procrastinating for me. Time to buckle down!   Besides that I would just like to stay ahead of my Goodreads goal.

Writing:  I’m really not sure what my goals are going to be for June. I’m in a writing slump. I’m trying to work on a lot of things but feeling stretched and a bit uninspired. I would really like to get something published this month. So here’s to editing and querying.

Blogging: I need to get back into a regular blogging routine. Something between every day and every four days would be nice. I’m hoping for every other day.

Life: Tomorrow I start an internship with the indie publishing company Patchwork Press! I’m super excited as I’ll be able to get experience editing and getting to see how a publishing company works.  And as always I’m working towards my goals from this post.

So that’s all for me! What are your goals for June? If you’ve written a post about it be sure to link it in the comments and I’ll check it out and comment. 🙂 

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