When Herscue Met Jomphrey – A Review


Goodreads Synopsis: “I knew this guy was out of the square. He was so far out, he was in the hexagonal prism that was past the triangle next to the square.”

When the author met her future husband, she was instantly charmed by his intensity, wacky conversation choices, and innate desire to create peculiar names. Seventeen years, one wedding, one baby and several adopted names later, it began to dawn on ‘Herscue’ that family jokes about her husband having Asperger’s Syndrome may be closer to the truth than she had first imagined.

Filled with moving and hilarious tales, one of which provides the origins of the author and her husband’s adopted names, Herscue and Jomphrey, and their even stranger pronunciations, this personal account grapples with the highs and lows of a 25 year marriage to an Aspie husband.

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Enjoyable story, realistic and heartwarming, these are my thoughts as I put down my phone and start to think about writing a review.

This book wasn’t written exactly how I expected it to be, not as much of a story but almost a handbook on living with a person with Aspergers. Which was interesting, and not bad at all, just different. I enjoyed reading the stories in there, and was kept interested as she told her feelings over the years and how she coped.
At times I felt like she wasn’t the best writer, sometimes it was confusing.  At one point she had an analogy  about cars and Aspergers then said at the end of it “If none of this makes sense and you are wondering what cars have to do with Aspies, welcome to the world of Autism. Don’t panic. Analogies work in the unconscious in a deep and often unknowable way. So somewhere in you, sense will be made.” And around this time I thought, maybe you should just write a different analogy if you’re worried people won’t get it?  There were a few other times I felt like the writer wandered and I wasn’t sure what her point was.  But overall it didn’t take too much away from the reading experience.

One thing that surprised me was how much religion and God came up. It wasn’t something that I expected, but it made sense that she needed something to help her through years of this life.  Overall I was struck by her strength and her courage.  I admired her greatly, and it’s so wonderful that she and her husband have been married for 25 years.  The love they have for each other is so beautiful.   The writer tells a funny,  sometimes sad but beautiful story of her life.  I definitely recommend it.

I gave this book 3.5 stars and was given this copy from NetGalley.



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