A Poem From My New Collection

I wrote this poem about a week or so ago and since then have decided I really like it. So I hope you all don’t mind if I share it with you.  Let me know in the comments what you think, or if you have any suggestions on how to make it better. Thanks! 🙂

the woman called mad


i fear i may be going mad

forgive me if it seems oversimplified

i’d rather be anywhere but here   in my mind

from the beginning my life was topsy-turvy

picture me a boat

and you the salty blue waves pitching, pitching pitching me

in all my eyes i forgot

in all my mouths the bitter taste of morning without you

and yet again and again i search after you   like raving mother for her long dead

true i gave you my heart

not suspecting you would be my desert

sucking me dry blood, pumping, buried in your sand.


you put me in a mad house

unable finally to put up with my conjunction to throw up on you and scream

you tried starving me but then all was left was the bile you gave me

you tried locking me up

but people asked where i was

i told them i preferred it this way but all i really wanted was to make you happy

it was last summer

when i was taken to the mad house

and now i lay on padded white beds eating rotten, singing rotten.


it’s been years since i’ve seen your brown face

doctors tell me this is good i’ve got fixation

all i know is i pass time by trying to kill myself last week was inhaling rat poison

tomorrow i’ll refuse to eat again

i hate the needles they stick in my skin

i hate worse the needles you punched in my ears, eyes and soul long, thin and silver

if i believed in god i’d scream for him to kill me

take my brain and feed on it

man in the sky take my heart before it takes me.



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