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I wrote this poem yesterday after a long day at the library. I ended up putting two poems together, and so I’m not sure yet if I like the way they flow. Let me know what you think.

Tape Day


I feel tender today. I can feel every cell of skin on my body, they are prickling and dancing. I feel as though all my words are inked on my skin for everyone to see.

I can feel your emotions today. The people around me are breathing them out and I am picking them up. The confusion of the old man wandering is mine and now my head spins.

The anxiety of the lady helping customers is mine and now my stomach is tumbling.

I’m in a glass box and everyone is watching. But at the same time I am hidden. Just another face and I see you but you’ll never see me.

I’m stuck between worlds and if I could pull out all these feelings that aren’t mine I would.

Stop. I don’t want to be tape today. I don’t want to be left outside to catch all these things on my skin.


I want to feel everything and nothing

I want to be under the green waves of the lake

I want it wash away the emotions I wear on my skin

I want to pause in the sun and feel as empty as the wide blue sky

I want to touch your brown skin

I want to taste your sweat and kiss your chest

Give me your fist, give me your lips, give me your heart and I’ll hold it next to my own

Look at me and give breath back to my dying lungs

I’m hoarding my anxiety and giving it a name

When I should be floating, dead

I’m somehow still human.




  1. Keep in mind I know nothing about freeverse (is that what you call non-rhyming?) poetry and wouldn’t know a good one if it hit me in the face, BUT I think this was really… neat. I can’t think of a good word but it was… poetic somehow. Which I guess is the point. XD And yes, I think they go well together. 🙂 My two cents. 😛

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