15 Rides on the Bullet Train – By Grant Pearson


Synopsis: This is the first volume in the Bullet Train series. It contains 15 flash fiction stories, each shorter than 500 words.

All the stories take place in the context of a slightly futuristic train station.

The stories are about how people’s lives are connected even in the smallest way with the people sitting and standing across from them. These stories are about the little moments — some beautiful, some not so much — that often get missed by our fast-paced lives.

I am pleased to announce that my husband Grant has just published a collection of flash fiction stories.  While I have been writing poetry and taking care of the cats and house, he has been going to work, sitting in class and doing his homework AND writing stories on the side.   Grant has worked so hard on this collection of stories and I am so proud of him for finishing them and deciding to publish them. Please consider buying and reading this collection, it won’t take much of your time and each story is a gem.

Grant’s collection can be found here. 

Thank you so much lovely readers.



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