Camp NaNoWriMo


It’s almost time again for Camp NaNoWrimo! 11 days in fact and so that means I’m hastily trying to come up with an idea.

I didn’t have the intention of doing both camps this year, but when the first one started I couldn’t help but join, and now I find myself again being sucked into the madness. For July I’ve decided to write 20,000 words on an old novel I found the other day. It’s called King, Hunter and Outlaw. Set in a high fantasy world, with a Robin Hoodish character (only female) a bit of political strife and of course murder. 😀

It’s been years since I wrote on this story, but I thought why not? Might as well have fun for Camp. 🙂 Hopefully I will be able to win this month too? *crosses fingers*

Who else is doing Camp NaNo this next month? Anyone in need of cabin? 


  1. Eee, awesome! Sounds like a cool story. 🙂 i’m not doing Camp I don’t think buuuut WAIT how is it 11 days away?? That means JULY is 11 days away and I’m not ready for that… *collapses* Best of luck on Camp!! 😀 I hope you’ll have fun with it and win. ^_^

    • Yeah! I’m excited. 😀 Thanks lol that’s like just the bare bones of the story so yeah. I KNOW!! Like what is happening with this summer. It is melting before our eyes. 😀 Thank you! Good luck on any and all writing projects that you are working on!

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