Promoting Creativity – June Edition

I got back from vacation just in time to do another Promoting Creativity! This month I have the great privilege to introduce Kierstyn Darkwater!

unnamed (1).jpg

1) Tell us a little bit about what you do.

I do a lot of things, mostly because I’m easily distracted. I run three comics – Chronicles of a Bitch Goddess, Kiery’s Fairy Porn, and E.R.A. – which is a fantasy comic featuring gender and otherwise queer characters overthrowing governments and saving the world. I’m also the Tech Director of CRHE, and programming is art for the right side of my brain, so any way I can blend art and tech makes me super happy. Sometimes I even make youtube videos on gaming, which is also fun.


2) When and why did you start writing? When did you start drawing? 

I’ve been writing since I can remember. My journal was the only place I could really express myself and then when I got older (13) I started blogging. I’ve been doing that ever since (12 years, holy shit), although the content has changed significantly. I used to blog about right wing politics and made a name for myself, and after I left home I started deconstructing my past and identifying the abuse that was an integral part of my childhood. My blog has evolved into dealing with life and finding my identity and…everything that entails.

I started drawing again in 2010. I had a lot of creative energy and I was really frustrated because I just wasn’t able to express it with crochet, so I decided to try drawing again after my parents squeezed that drive out of me when I was a kid. I was really insecure and it was really scary. A lot of drawing is still just getting over being made fun of by my parents – but when I started doing it again I just…fell in love with it. I started back exactly where I left off which was neat and disheartening because…not drawing for several years means you don’t make progress. But I haven’t really been able to stop since, and starting to draw opened up a gateway to starting to do other visual art and accepting that imperfection is okay and that with time and practice comes progress – both in art and living life. I wrote a thing about it for my english class and put it on medium because rediscovering art again has been huge in finding myself and figuring out life.

3) Tell us about a project that you are currently working on that has you really excited.

I recently discovered hackerspaces. So I suspect that when my life settles down a bit (I just recently moved to CA) I will be spending a lot of time there working on making comics (largely E.R.A), programming, painting a mural, and working on a painting + LED project with a friend of mine.

4) What are some of your goals for the future?

I want to as much as I can blending art and tech – mostly a lot more of what I’m doing if I can manage it. I want to make applications for artists to share their work, and share a lot more of mine. Also, once I re-establish residency I’m going to start Community College again, take art and science classes and champion the All Gender Bathrooms initiative if it’s not a thing yet

5) How can we support you?

I have a patreon! Also you can follow me on twitter (@kiery28) and read all the comics.


Thanks to Kiery for letting me interview her! Be sure to check out her patreon, I support her and it’s so cool to see all she’s doing. 

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