Ghosts Still Walking – A Poetry Collection


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Goodreads Synopsis: I cannot live in a world of suffocation, you cannot live in a world of restraint.

Drawing from Vietnam’s long and turbulent history—from Phùng Thị Chính’s suicide in the river Hát, to the casualties of the Vietnam War—Do’s poems highlight the constant struggles of love and survival, and a country’s continuing fight to preserve its traditional way of life.

I hope all of my readers aren’t too bored by all of the poetry reviews I’ve been doing recently, because I’m back with another poetry collection you need to read.

Ghosts Still Walking is every bit as haunting as you can imagine.  Just take a look at some of the verses from my favorite poem.

“Perhaps, if winds moved eastward / and brought the moon so /clouds would obscure it – and my words, my love / into untruth turn, but even the heavens / cannot bear expenditures to move.”

Ghosts Still Walking is full of imagery like this, wisp-like at times, and at others like the tears of history coming alive.  I was fully immersed at all times. I couldn’t put the book away. My only disappointment was at the fact that the collection ended.  At the end of 96 pages I wasn’t ready for the poetry to stop.  Although because it is short, it does make an excellent book for those wishing to read poetry for the first time.

I fully recommend this book. I was given a copy of Ghosts Still Walking in exchange for a fair review, and I gave it four stars on Goodreads.





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