July Goals

How is it already July 7th? This is so not fair. But it’s about time I did this post!

Reading: Same as last month really. I need to read all of my NetGalley requests. I was naughty last week and got three more. 😀 I couldn’t help it! They were graphic novels and they looked so cool! So I have 11 books that I need to finish from there. 😛  That should keep me ahead in my Goodreads goal.

Writing: I’m doing Camp NaNoWrimo again this month! This month my goal is to write 20,000 on an old fantasy novel. It should be pretty fun.  I’m also hoping to finish my poetry collection, A Mad Woman’s Voice. And hopefully between those two projects I’ll take a look at my play and edit it agian.

So that it for my July goals. What are you going to be writing this month? Anyone else have a ton of books on their TBR right now? How do I finish them all in time!? 😀 


2 thoughts on “July Goals”

  1. I knoooow. I think July 4th got rid of the entire first week. XD

    Okay, I totally am with you on the being-naughty-and-requesting-more-books thing. 😛 I keep doing that even though I promised myself I’d stop… Ahem. I think I will once I finish these and take a break for awhile, hopefully, so I can read other stuff… Hee.

    Good luck on your reading and on Camp! 🙂 Yay for fantasy novels! 😀

    I wish I knew what I was writing, but I’m still stuck. XD And YES so much to read! *flails* I know you can do it though because you’re an amazing reader! ^_^

    Happy July to you!

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