Re*pro*duct Volume 1 -Reviews and Robots


Goodreads Synopsis: In the future, robots have been legally granted the right to life. Their intelligence is not artificial, and it may not be the best approximation of a personality. But they reflect all the intricacies of a human mind and personality, only from within a manufactured shell, developing and learning as the rest of us do. They mirror us in all the ways we would want, but also in those ways we would wish to exclude…
In addition to the core storyline, this book includes several short interstitial tales that further explore the world of Re-Pro-Duct.

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Ever since reading Saga I’ve been a bit addicted to graphic novels. Something about the art combined with a good story is just too irresistible. So when I saw this on NetGalley I had to read it.

Re*Pro*Duct is a great beginning to this series. The art style was a bit different than I’d seen before, but it was still really beautiful. The characters are also very unique and interesting. We follow a robot around his city as he goes to school, hangs out with friends and learns of the arrest of a fellow robot from his school.  

This book may be considered an adult comic, as the f word was used a couple of times. There may have been other swear words, but as I don’t care about that I didn’t really notice.  That said it’s a fantastic story and I definitely recommend it! I gave this book four stars on Goodreads and I can’t wait to read the second volume. I was given a copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for a fair review. 



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