Camp NaNoWriMo Update


I’m super excited to talk about all the work I’ve gotten done for Camp NaNoWrimo. Today I made 20k, which is my entire word goal for the month. The bad news is I don’t think I’ve even got 1/4 of the way through my novel. Everything still feels really early in the story.

Unlike some people I am an panster, which means I don’t plot out my stories.  Usually I have ideas about two or three chapters ahead of the current chapter I’m writing. Currently I’m 19 chapters and 47 pages in.  My fingers hurt and my brain hurts too. I’ve got pages of character ideas written out a notebook and I’m super happy with how my story is going.

How is your Camp story going? Anyone else meet their word goal, or are close?


2 thoughts on “Camp NaNoWriMo Update”

  1. WOOHOO! Congrats on hitting your goal! 😀 Best of luck on getting the rest of the story done too… I totally know that feeling of it turning out way longer than you expected. 😛 Story of my life… Though I’m not doing Camp, I did sit down and write 2500 words the other morning, so I’m feeling pretty good right now. ^_^ I appear to be a binge-writer. XD Keep writing! I admire pantsers and their creativity and ability to press on despite a lack of overall planning. 🙂

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