Bits O’ Life

I’m sitting in my living room and the main light is off so the room is cozily dark, light from the dinning room is coming in from the right corner.  My cousin has a set of really nice speakers that I’m using to listen to Daughter. My cat is playing at my feet. It’s a beautiful morning.

The past few days it’s been very hard for me to sit myself down and get writing done that I feel is actually good. Hence my disappearance from this blog. But today I’ve been able to talk to a friend about deep things and it’s refreshing me.  So I thought today I’d just do a quick post of what’s been inspiring or making me happy this week so far.

  • I bought myself a coloring book on Saturday.  It’s full of whimsical cats and it’s magical.



  • I watched a documentary on the Feminist movement in the ’60s and I can’t tell you how many times I teared up. These women are so strong and powerful! We all take for granted how they had to fight for what is now so much easier for us.  10/10 would recommend to all.


  • I fell in love with bath bombs. I was given one by a secret sister and it was heaven. I can’t wait to try another one.

  • Again I have Daughter on repeat (so often). Her music is a perfect blend of acoustic and lullaby. Listening makes me wish I had a guitar again. Right now my favorite song is Made of Stone. 


  • This is a fun link that I found today via Facebook. It’s so interesting to see how clothes have changed over the years, plus vintage photos are the best.

That’s it for today! What has been inspiring you these days? What music have you been listening to, I’m always looking for new recommendations. 







  1. Ohhh I like Daughter! Well I’ve only listened to one song (on repeat basically) of hers though, so I probably definitely need to listen to more songs by her! But Youth is my favourite song so far!😍
    And your colouring book looks really awesome.

    • yay! So glad to find more of her fans. 😀 Youth is great song.
      Thank you! It’s so much fun having the book, I mean it’s all cats, the only way it could be better is if it was dragons. 😉

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